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AWS iot dash button delivery

Push Button Mode

A request is sent with a push of a button.  Push the button and a request is made.  Its that simple.

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Timer Mode

Set to Timer Mode, if the button is Not pressed within a specific timed interval a request is made.

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Skill Match

Simple Buttons can be tied to one or more skilled groups/people.  Press a button have the right skill show up.

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Just Press a Button...

Simple Button is the worlds first provider of simple IoT communications for the workforce.     Solutions that build Customer Revenue and Reduce costs.

Industries include:  Retail, Healthcare, Energy,  Hospitality, Restaurant and Grocery solutions.   Connect to CRM, Sales, Support and Service Platforms.

78% of the workforce leverages paper every day.  Simple Button eliminates paper forms and expedites work with real time communication from customers to the back office.

Create distinctive competency in any market while reducing costs and increasing revenue.

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AWS iot Facility Services Repair
google map button

Simple Button Map View

Send and track the location of every request with built in GPS location information.    
Expedite service and delivery requests with instant location information with the push of a button.
Amazon Dash Button cleaning service

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