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A request of any kind is sent to any destination or system with a push of a button.

  • Push once for a regular request.
  • Push twice for expedited or special request.

What happens next?

A notification is sent to:

  • A Person
  • A Team
  • A Sales, Support, Service or Accounting System

AWS Dash Button for Delivery

What is included in the request?

  • The Date
  • The Time
  • The Location
  • The Skill Required for that location
  • Any data tied to the request type or location
  • A Permanent Record of the request

Vertical Markets:

  • Retail/Grocery - Stock Levels, Restroom Inspection, Facility Inspection
  • Construction - Inspections, Plant Shut Down Turn A-rounds
  • HVAC/Heating Plumbing - Service Contracts/Service Requests
  • Manufacturing - Service Requests