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Push It, Get It!
Eliminate inventory replenishment delays.  Push a button and any item is ordered on the spot.   Simplify the reorder process without taking on excess inventory.  Increase inventory sales by 14%.

Reduce Spoilage Costs with JIT Inventory
Adding the ability to reorder inventory with the push of a button lowers overstock inventory, keeping inventory at the right level reducing excess stock. Reduce inventory costs by 23%.

Build Distributor Loyalty
Transaction visibility in real time results in guaranteed customer retention and loyalty.   Customers receive instant notifications to confirm every order.    Improve customer retention by 13%.

Reduce Food and Beverage Costs
Reduce shipping and administrative costs with push button automation that simplifies the reorder process while communicating with distributors, vendors and customers in a single click.

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AWS iot dash button delivery

The perfect solution to communicate with vendors with inventory that needs fast replacement.  Drinks, Beverage Holders, Cups, Boxes, and any inventory that needs fast replacement.

Automate every item that is not currently automated.  Tie directly into almost any system with the simple dash button integration.   Send and Receive notifications to text, email, and systems.

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