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Grocery Stock Levels

Real Time Store Stock Alerts

Milk, Produce, General Merchandise.   Instantly create a request to restock any area of the store with a push of a button.

Order difficult to stock items with a simple push of a button.    Increase customer retention, eliminate out of stock items keeping customers In the store.  (Learn more on the cost of customer loss)

Measure response times, and identify areas that require special attention during peak times with faster response, and higher store profits.

Integrate order requests with vendors and suppliers to improve just in time inventory.

grocery inspect restrooms stocking
AWS iot dash button delivery

The perfect solution to communicate with vendors with inventory that needs fast replacement.  Drinks, Beverage Holders, Cups, Boxes, and any inventory that needs fast replacement.

Automate every item that is not currently automated.  Tie directly into almost any system with the simple dash button integration.   Send and Receive notifications to text, email, and systems.

aws iot grocery store dash button